K-12 Solutions


Engage your students and improve performance
We have a way to meet all your educational goals throughout your day.

From collecting homework to “tests for record,” iRespond offers all-day solutions for the K-12 classroom. All of our products, the iRespond-UltraLite, the iRespond-Lite, the iRespond-LiteNG and iRespond WebApp can help a teacher with formative and summative assessment, the requirements of No Child Left Behind and adequate yearly progress.

It's as easy as 1 . . . 2 . . . 3
Select a class, choose a lesson, and pick your remotes. That's it! Now you can do what you do best -- teach. iRespond's personal response system collects student answers and scores each response in real time. Whether delivering a random single question or a comprehensive "test for record" to all students, both you and your students know in seconds what has been mastered and what still needs to be learned.

Enjoy the Benefits
Link to Standards: iRespond allows teachers to immediately identify and track each student's mastery of state standards or objectives. Combined with our instant reporting features, teachers may modify lessons or assist individual students who need further help.

100% Student Participation: With iRespond, every student is engaged in the learning process and is an active participant. Teachers may even create teams for challenge assessments that foster healthy competition in the classroom. Students love our technology. Our customers tell us that attendance is always better when their students know they will be using our remotes.

Instructor Productivity: Because iRespond handles the grading process, from short quizzes to end of term assessments, teachers have more time for teaching. Imagine how much more productive you can be when freed from the burden of grading tests.