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Keep them focused on you and their future
We have a way to meet both your classroom goals and their career goals.

The iRespond WebApp allows students to complete assignments away from class.
When you and your students are not in the same location, the iRespond WebApp solution is what you need. WebApp is Web-based meaning you may post an assignment that students may answer from any location with Internet access. Imagine putting a homework assignment on iRespond WebApp and having your students complete the assignment from their dorm room in the middle of the night! When you check your computer in the morning the assignment is already graded.

The iRespond Lite remotes are ideal for college and university settings.
If you are looking for a low cost solution that provides instant grading and reporting, iRespond-Lite is the one to choose. The iRespond-Lite remotes may be used in smaller classes or even in large lecture hall settings. They allow you to communicate with individual students, small groups or your entire class through our our RF technology

iRespond UltraLite remotes offer the most economical solution.
Our newest product, the iRespond-UltraLite, is the perfect answer for those situations where your students are purchasing the remotes themselves or you have a small budget. The UltraLites use Radio Frequency technology which is faster and more reliable than Infrared units on the market today. And, they use our Teacher's Dashboard software.

All four solutions offer the same proprietary Teacher's Dashboard software. iRespond's real-time grading and reporting features give you immediate knowledge of how well your students are doing.

Our remotes are PIN activated meaning any student may use any remote. When a student logs in, his/her name appears on the class roster.

Use your existing PowerPoint presentations, create new test items or copy and paste Word documents into your test bank. Or create a new lesson in iRespond complete with audio/video and Web links.