Corporate Solutions


Train your staff and learn from your community
We have a way to develop your employees and connect with your citizens.

Train employees or poll constituents with iRespond
iRespond has both hardware and software solutions that will help meet the needs of government bodies and non-profit organizations. You may use either the iRespond-UltraLite, iRespond-Lite, iRespond-LiteNG or iRespond WebApp solutions to train your employees, to poll your citizens or to find out the opinions of your constituents.

For those instances when your audience is in the same location as you and you do not have computer access for each person, our iRespond-UltraLite solution offers you the most cost effective choice. It is ideal for training and provides you with instant grading, powerful reporting and real-time knowledge of how well your students are doing.

For all-day use and two-way communication, the iRespond Lite is what you need
When itís important for your training to be able to send messages, scores, averages and feedback to everyone, then the iRespond-Lite is what you want. Its display screen allows you to send messages to individuals, teams or your audience. The Lite remotes include multiple session modes, numeric-fill-in-the-blank and additional features.

Remote training or polling is easy with the iRespond WebApp
If your students/employees/audience are not in the same location as you, then you should select our iRespond WebApp solution. This is a Web-based version of iRespond and offers the same real-time grading, reporting and information gathering as our other solutions.

All of our solutions use our proprietary Teacher's Dashboard software.