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Employee training and communication is vital to any company, whether it is ISO training or a company survey. iRespond offers a variety of solutions to corporate trainers and human resources departments.

When you and your employees are in the same location, our iRespond-UltraLite, iRespond-Lite or iRespond-LiteNG remotes are the best solution. For those times when you need to train employees who are in a branch office or in another location, iRespond WebApp is the solution you should choose.

All four solutions provide you with real-time grading and reporting capabilities. You get instant knowledge regarding what your employees understand. This allows you to spend extra time on those items they don't comprehend.

Corporate Training Made Easy
All of our iRespond solutions are simple to use. You may incorporate existing PowerPoint presentations or copy and paste your training materials from another source such as Microsoft Word. Or, you may use iRespondís item generator to add audio/video files and Web links to your presentations, lessons and tests.

Survey Your Employees Wherever They Are
The annual employee survey can be quite a challenge for human resources departments and managers. Although an important function for any company, the logistics, time and resources involved in conducting a company-wide survey can be extensive.

Using iRespond WebApp, you won't need someone from HR to travel, often overnight, to multiple locations in order to administer the surveys, questionnaires, or tests. iRespond WebApp allows you to handle these important functions from one location. Often, you may survey all of your employees on the same day, saving time and travel expenses. Your employees could even take the survey from their home computers!