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Testimonial: Chris Lyndon from Westfield High School
Virginia high school teacher says adding iRespond is one of the most important changes he has made in the way he teaches.

I am a physics teach in Fairfax County, Virginia, who has been using your Lite student response system for four years. I have been meaning to write you something that you can use in promoting your "Clickers."

The student response systems from iRespond (which we call "clickers"), have been a great help to me in my teaching and a great help to my students. I teach physics in high school at various levels including honors and calculus-based AP, and I wanted a tool that would keep students engaged while we went over the material, since a certain percentage of students stop listening after a few minutes of lecture, even in honors or AP classes.

Now I give a clicker question or two after each few PowerPoint slides and the students pay much better attention, knowing they will be expected to immediately apply what I am talking about. I particularly like iRespond's Teacher Dashboard, which lets me monitor how students are doing in real time and whether they are getting the questions right, and even who is really trying and who isn't.

My students often ask me whether they got the question right even before the time is up, or want to know who got it right first, which is information I get from the teacher dashboard if I want to indulge the students. I thought at first I would need to count the clicker questions for points or they wouldn't do them, but it turned out the students really like using clickers and not counting them makes it low-risk for them and easier for me.

It lets the students know immediately whether they understand the material and makes them start using the concepts right away, instead of thinking, "I'll learn it before the test." I feel that the introduction of clickers to my teaching is one of the most important changes I have made in the way I teach, and has contributed to substantial increase of success in my hundreds of students over the last four years.

Chris Lyndon