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Testimonial: Mike Drago from Gahr High School
California high school teacher says iRespond substantially improved student motivation levels and performance.

My name is Mike Drago and I have been a History/Social Science teacher at Gahr High School in Cerritos, California for sixteen years.

I started using the UltraLite iRespond system in my classes about six months ago. Since that time, I have seen a substantial improvement in my studentsí motivation levels, understanding of the material, and performance on assessments.

The UltraLite remotes and wireless base unit are very durable and set up very easily. It doesnít take a rocket scientist to use it.

The Teacherís Dashboard software provides real-time data that helps me determine immediately if the students understand the content. I can also use the Teacherís Dashboard software to design multiple-choice questions that incorporate pictures and sound to tap into higher order thinking skills.

In short, the UltraLite system is a very affordable and very powerful piece of technology.

On a more profound level, however, the UltraLite has completely changed the nature of my teaching in the classroom. The students are far more engaged in the lesson because they know I can assess them on the spot. Even better, the UltraLite lets me know immediately whether or not I need to re-teach the material.

The UltraLite enables me to check my students' progress more frequently, and I have seen student scores climb as a result

The UltraLite is probably the best thing thatís ever happened to me as a teacher. It has enabled me to connect with my students, make learning fun, and improve their performance on classroom assessments without spending a fortune.