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Englewood High School Testimonial
Colorado vocational education teacher adds iRespond to classes

In 20 years of teaching vocational education, Jim Chaput's classes have undergone quite a transformation. For the teacher at Englewood High School in suburban Denver, the latest change may prove to be the best he's ever seen. He teaches 120 of the 850 students in the 9-12 school.

This school year, Chaput added an iRespond student response system to his class and is already experiencing improved student performance. Chaput has been using the iRespond-Lite remotes in his diesel and small engine equipment repair classes.

Tried other systems but likes iRespond better

"I borrowed a system from another teacher which I did not like and then I found your product on the Internet. I liked the features, the price was more reasonable, and yours was easier to use. It was this combination that sold me.

"With iRespond, I have a system that fits into my budget. It has a lot of features for less money. For example, I love the battery shutoff." explains Chaput

Teacher and students love instant feedback

"I teach 2-Cycle equipment repair for the first semester then move the kids on to 4-Cycle equipment repair second semester," he says. "I also have a beginning diesel engine equipment repair class. In this class the kids learn how to repair equipment used by the golf course industry to mow golf course turf.

"Many of the kids think they 'know' engines. When a student says 'I know everything there is to know about small engines because I ride a scooter,' I can say take this test and we'll see," he explains. ďThe instant grading that I get when using iRespond gives me and the students immediate feedback so we both know exactly what they know.

"Even for the rank beginners who are working on engines for the first time, I still need to know what they actually know. That's where iRespond comes into play again."

Student effort improves

Chaput says he likes the Lite remotes because most of his kids want to see something in front of them, something kinesthetic like a paper test. "The students love using the remotes," he says. "They are definitely more engaged when we use the remotes. My students really try harder when we use remotes because they have to do additional research and writing if they donít do well on the tests.

"iRespond definitely helps the student's performance. Having the information transparent does increase their ability to see where they need help," says Chaput. "These formative assessments have been very helpful with this. The summative assessment at the end of the semester has helped me to see where I need to make instructional changes to address different student needs."

Real-time grading and homework features are great

There are other advantages, he says, "My semester final last semester was in iRespond. It was really sweet; my grades were done in 30 seconds!"

Chaput also teaches a photography class. "I havenít actually used the remotes with them because this class is in a different location, but I might be able to use the homework feature to accomplish that."

iRespond customer support is exceptional

Chaput is used to getting help from industry partners such as Toro, Echo, Stihl, Briggs and Stratton, Tecumseh, Bobcat of the Rockies, Caterpillar, and Hustler Turf Equipment. He says he has a network of dealers who support his program by giving him equipment, parts, and materials on which the students work.

"I think iRespond is an excellent piece of hardware and software with great tech support. I will recommend your product to anybody."