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Blue Ridge Junior High School Testimonial
Arizona Junior High teacher experiences increased student participation after adding iRespond to classes

A new school year is starting, and teachers are wondering what the next new thing might be that would help our tech-savvy students be more engaged in the classroom. I discovered student response systems last year while touring one of the state universities with my son, and was excited about the possibilities in the public school classroom (I teach 7/8).

I found enough money to purchase a starter set of 6 units, and after doing some research, I settled on the iRespond system. The main features that I was looking for were being wireless, ability to "float" on top of a PowerPoint presentation and instant feedback. I found the implementation of the program was simple and it is more than easy to create quiz questions embedded into the PowerPoint presentation.

The students were very positively responsive to the systems even though they were sharing the few "clickers" with their work groups. One of the benefits that I noticed was that students had to be alert for interactive requests for responses, forcing them to activate their own thinking rather than just copying notes mindlessly.

Another benefit that I can see is with our large Native American population. Many Native students are culturally reticent about volunteering answers/ asking questions and many are uncomfortable with the attention a teacher places on them while asking for responses. The iRespond system allows students to feel as if they are responding anonymously and takes away the stigma of getting answers correct. These clickers greatly enhance the participation of all students, but even more so for the Native kids.

iRespond's timed response feature helps MathCounts team train for speed answer competition

Another benefit was with my MathCounts team class. This class is geared towards gifted math students so student involvement is generally not a problem, but one of the aspects of MathCounts competition is building speed in computation. The clicker system has been very useful to the students because it incorporates a timing system that helps the students train themselves for quick responses and feeds into their competitive drive. This class is very competitive and having immediate feedback on both correctness of answers and speed of responses is invaluable for competition training.

"The iRespond company has probably the best customer service I have ever experienced with any company"

This year I have gathered enough grant money to purchase an entire class set and am excited to see how individual clickers will help enhance personal responsibility for learning.

Besides the classroom advantages for the clickers, I found that the iRespond company has probably the best customer service I have ever experienced with any company. They respond to email requests almost immediately and make me feel like a valued customer every time I interact with them.

They have changed order requests without any problems and are eager to assist with anything. I did have some software compatibility problems at the beginning (mostly due to my School district's anti-virus issues) and the customer service technicians literally spent hours with me both on the phone and remotely through the computer patiently resolving all my issues.

"The kids love the technology, the administration loves the data and teachers love the ease and professionalism of implementation"

If you are looking for an exciting new way to interact with all students 100% of the time, the iRespond system is an awesome place to start. This system benefits all levels of learners, brings responsibility back to the students and gives the teacher instant feedback on the comprehension level of the class. The kids love the technology, the administration loves the data and teachers love the ease and professionalism of implementation. Plus, this is how most universities are running classes these days and our younger students will benefit from experiencing this learning style before they get to the University level.

Thanks again to the iRespond company- you have brought back my faith in companies catering to the education establishment. You are one company that really cares and truly does want to make a difference!

Carol Godwin