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Imagine designing your own reports. Canned reports are now a thing of the past.
+Use our new Report Wizard to select the data you want to report on.
+Design your own report layout and sort on key data fields.
+Save your new report format for repeated use.
+Setup your specialized report format to compare session data over time.


iRespond's new Import/Export Wizard is now on the street.
+Now teachers, trainers, and facilitators can easily create their own specialized import/export formats.
+Our Import/Export Wizard will walk you through step-by-step on how to build your own format to meet your specialized needs.
+As if that was not enough, setup iRespond to automatically import/export data with no teacher interaction.
+Use our Import/Export Wizard to pass student data to other applications like: SMS, SIS, gradebooks, and LMS systems.


iRespond Snap! Assessment Is Now Available
+Now teachers, trainers, and facilitators can perform real-time student/audience polling without the need for a computer!
+ With Snap, you can understand student comprehension levels or simply perform audience opinion polls.
+Take Snap anywhere you wish to add interactivity and ensure 100% participation in your lectures.
+Pass out the units and begin assessments right away with graphical feedback.

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iRespond Teacher's Dashboard Software Version 6.0 Is Now Available
Version 6.0 Features:
+Our new Power Presenter mode gives you two options for using your existing PowerPoint® presentations.
+The first allows you to add iRespond questions to your presentations while you are still in PowerPoint®!
+If your presentation already includes question and answer slides, the second option allows you to convert the items to iRespond questions with the push of a button, again without leaving PowerPoint®.
+Microsoft Word® documents and RTF formatted files are converted to iRespond test banks with a new parsing tool. Any .doc or .rtf file may be imported into iRespond.

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iRespond-Now! is a new product that comes bundled with version 6.0 of our Teacher's Dashboard software.
It's simple and easy to use:
+iRespond-Now!, allows you to use any software application or content with iRespond and provides easy 1-2-3 assessment.
+Launch iRespond-Now!, select your class and remotes and you are ready to go.
+Issue questions with iRespond-Now! using whatever content you are showing your students or audience.
+There is no need to prepare or import anything -- simply send your questions based on what is displayed.
+iRespond-Now! scores and grades answers instantly.
+The iRespond-Now! toolbar "floats" over any software or content program you choose to use.
+iRespond-Now! allows you to use content from other sources – CD's, Web sites, video or audio files and more.
+iRespond-Now! adds increased versatility and options to iRespond's powerful grading and reporting capabilities.
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The iRespond Mini-Tablet
Now teachers may enjoy tablet technology at half the cost. The new, iRespond Mini-Tablet gives teachers the freedom to move anywhere in their classroom and still control their computer, assess students, and browse the Web.
+Control your PC using the iRespond Mini-Tablet!
+Tablet technology packed into a small, hand-held device
+Tablet technology functionality at one-half the cost
+Issue questions to students
+Browse Web sites
+Use with annotation software to underline and draw
+Works with any iRespond remotes
+Use as a teacher's/presenter’s remote
+Draw and capture capability
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Students May Now Write Answers on iRespond-Touch Remotes
Capture technology has been added to the iRespond-Touch remotes. This allows students to write answers on the touch panel display and send those answers to the teacher for instant grading. The iRespond-Touch is the only remote with capture technology making it the most powerful remote available.
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iRespond Higher ED Program!
Due to great demand from our university customers, college professors can now enroll in this program and select one of our iRespond assessment products for use in the classroom. Students will purchase the hardware device selected by the professor and the Professor Station (software and base unit) will be shipped to the professor for free.
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