iRespond Now!
Delivered FREE with every Student Response System

Use iRespond with any software application or content.

iRespond-Now! is a new product that comes bundled with version 6.0 of our Teacher’s Dashboard software.

iRespond Now! is Simple and Easy to Use
+ Launch iRespond-Now!, select your class and remotes and you are     ready to go.
+ Issue questions with iRespond-Now! using whatever content you are     showing your students or audience
+ There is no need to prepare or import anything -- simply send your     questions based on what is displayed.
+ iRespond-Now! scores and grades answers instantly.
+ The iRespond-Now! toolbar "floats" over any software or content     program you choose to use.
+ iRespond-Now! allows you to use content from other sources – CD's,     Web sites, video or audio files and more.
+ iRespond-Now! adds increased versatility and options to iRespond's     powerful grading and reporting capabilities.