iRespond Teacher's Dashboard
Delivered with the Ultra-Lite, Lite, Lite NG and WebApp

The Teacher's Dashboard is the heart and soul of iRespond. The Teacher's Dashboard is included with all of our hardware and software solutions.

The teacher may easily navigate through his or her teaching activities with real-time feedback and results. The teacher may view individual results, team results, class results, or results by standard or teaching point. All scoring is accomplished in real time with instant reporting capabilities. Reports range from daily attendance to test analysis and student test results. All reports may be printed or converted to .pdfs for e-mailing.

The teacher may use the Teacher's Dashboard to collect homework, give lectures, tests, and even conduct course critiques. The software imports tab and comma delimited and xml files. It is also fully integrated with Microsoft products such as Word and PowerPoint. Multiple graphing capabilities are included. All results may be exported to grade books and student management systems.

Teacher's Dashboard Features
+ Instant Scoring
+ 100% Student Engagement
+ Know individual, group, and class performace by standard
+ Assess Your Students Individually or in Teams
+ PIN Activated Class Roster
+ Create "Question-On-The-Fly"
+ First-Responder - Times and Lists Correct Answers
+ Create a Quick Answer Key
+ Know Every Student's Comprehension Level
+ Import Rosters and Tests
+ Export Results to Management Systems
+ Produce Instant Reports Based on Standards/Objectives
+ Create Study Guide for Students
+ Post Results to Gradebooks
+ Integrate Your PowerPointŪ Lessons
+ Dynamically Link Content to State Standards
+ Create your own import/export formats
+ Create your own report format
+ Import test from MS Word and thus from test generating software