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iRespond is fortunate to work with some of the finest companies in the world to provide solutions that are making a difference in education. Our alliances with the following companies and others, have enabled us to offer our customers what we believe is the best personal response system available. <

Sunburst Technology is a leader in developing and publishing award-winning, multimedia educational software, videos and printed supplements for use in schools. It publishes school products for grades K to 12 under the teachers' favorite Sunburst brand.

Offering a rich selection of over 500 software, print and Web-delivered titles designed specifically for schools, in addition to specialized programs and pricing options for the education community, Sunburst is a premiere resource for school technology products.

EDCO partners with school systems to develop solutions focused on improving student achievement in the classroom. From implementing a comprehensive district wide assessment plan and managing district benchmark testing to providing a wide range of data analysis programs for student/teacher performance, EDCO is committed to helping school systems reach their maximum potential.

The developers, analysts, and system administrators at eduTrax have many years of experience in analyzing and reporting standardized test scores and developing leading-edge assessment methodologies. We have a dedicated staff of experienced school adminstrators, test coordinators, mainframe programmers and web developers, all committed to providing the right information to the right people at the right time.

Midwest Computer Products (MCP) is a distributor of computer and audio visual products for corporate and educational clients. Headquartered in West Chicago Illinois, MCP provides clients a mix of technical products and services with a personalized touch. As computers have changed the way business is conducted, MCP addressed those changes by dividing our organization into two distinct groups. By forming partnerships with leaders in their respective fields, MCP is a single point source for your technology needs. When you think of technology, remember Midwest Computer Products.

The Ropella Group is a retained Executive Search and Consulting firm that also offers Leadership Transformation and Consultant Match resources and services, focusing primarily on middle-to-high-level executives in the chemical, technology, energy, and consumer products industries. Clients include Dow, BASF, Revlon, National Starch, J&J, Baxter, P&G and hundreds more. Ropella consultants search for the best leaders around the globe by making use of a broad professional network and advanced search techniques.

Pearson is the global leader in educational publishing, assessment, information and services, helping people of all ages to learn at their own pace, in their own way.

For students preK-12, Pearson provides effective and innovative curriculum products in all available media, educational assessment and measurement for students and teachers, student information systems, and teacher professional development and certification programs.

Pearson's respected brands include Scott Foresman, Prentice Hall, AGS, PowerSchool, SuccessMaker, TeacherVision and many others. The company's comprehensive offerings help inform targeted instruction and intervention so that success is within reach of every student. Pearson's other primary businesses include the Financial Times Group and the Penguin Group.

Teachers' School Supply has everyday low prices with exceptional personal service on school supplies, school furniture, teacher supplies, preschool supplies, chairs, desks, furniture and equipment for children ages 6 months to 18 years. From infant cribs to chair desks, from rest mats to playground equipment, Teachers' School Supply is your one-stop shopping mall on the web.

A. J. Bros. Inc. provides effective research based solutions to the K-14 educational marketplace with high quality products, training and installation in the areas of Classroom Technology, Furniture, Supplemental Educational Aids and Custom Logo Products.

Teachers n Tools, Inc. was founded by my father, Clyde Scarbrough, in 1974 establishing headquarters in Mobile, AL. We have evolved with technology and education to ensure that our product offerings meet the needs of our student/teacher population. Our primary focus is on promoting educational software, Internet curriculum and other technology related products into the school systems that promote achievement now and build a foundation for lifelong learners.
Ernest Scarbrough .

Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company has been locally owned and operated throughout its existence. With over 50 years of experience in the publishing industry, and over 6,000 titles in print, we are able to offer expertise at all levels of education publishing, from kindergarten through college, and on to continuing medical and professional education. At Kendall/Hunt, we combine author service, innovation, and our pledge of quality to provide you with advantages that are unparalleled in the publishing industry.

United Equipment Services Company has been your service and safety partner for over 9 years. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of schools, churches, and organizations across the state of Nebraska and its surrounding neighbors.

clearVision Networks along with it's teachersPet line of classroom solutions is an innovative company with a simple concept: Provide customers with the tools to deliver brilliant presentations and classroom content in a timely manner without headaches, complications and without breaking the budget.

Powerful and Efficient Technology Solution Designed for Your Business
Founded in 1918, Kansas City-based Midwest Technology Connection (MTC) provides cost effective and efficient technology solutions for small and mid -sized businesses. In addition to IP Telephony we offer Network Management Services, Security Services and Print Fleet Management. Our reliable services allow you to improve your business processes and accelerate your business results. Current clients include government agencies, financial institutions, professional service firms and educational institutions, just to name a few. Whether you have an experienced IT staff or you need help to manage your technological needs, MTC offers a powerful and effective solution to save you time and money.

LearnStar Inc develops engaging software, quality test items and interactive classroom response systems designed for the K-12 education market. Our content database includes approximately 30,000 question items for the K 12 market, aligned to state standards and objectives for all 50 states. We also offer solutions for schools that have yet to invest in classroom Response Systems. Our StarPad and StarLite wireless keypads are designed to provide an affordable solution for transforming the standard classroom into an interactive and collaborative classroom.

Excelsior Software has been the leader in the assessment management software marketplace since 1986. Our innovative software is empowering educators, students and parents with real-time, daily student assessment and behavior information in more than 1,000 school districts nation-wide.
Learning Multi-Systems (LMS) recognizes that student academic achievement is directly related to the desire to learn. PowerZone, our flagship software series, is an exciting, classroom technology that focuses on student motivation and achievement. Presented as a virtual quiz bowl for the classroom, PowerZone content reinforces the existing curriculum and challenges individuals and teams to prepare for success. Combining the power of computer interactivity, dynamic multimedia, team collaboration, and game-day fun, PowerZone ignites the desire to learn in every classroom.
Academic Benchmarks was conceived on the idea that every entity in the field of K-12 education should be able to access up-to-date standards and have easy-to-use tools that work from the granular level upwards to help schools, teachers, and companies align their curriculum, assessment, instruction, and reporting efforts to those standards.
We are always looking for outstanding companies with which to work. If you are interested in a business partnership or alliance with Wireless eSystems, Inc., call Bill Thompson at 850-936-7878.