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iRespond Announces New Products
iRespond Mini-Tablet, iRespond-Now! and “Capture” Technology Top List
Milton, FL (Sept. 30, 2008) – iRespond has introduced three new products to its line of student response systems, the iRespond Mini-Tablet, iRespond-Now! and “capture” technology for its Touch remotes.

“The iRespond Mini-Tablet allows the teacher to walk around the classroom and have complete control of his or her PC,” says Bill Thompson, president of Wireless eSystems, manufacturer of iRespond.

“We saw an increased desire on the part of teachers to have tablet technology but many said they could not afford it,” he says. “We’re offering this for less than half the cost of other wireless tablets.

“iRespond-Now! is another exciting product. It is included free with our Teacher’s Dashboard software version 6.0,” says Thompson. “This feature allows teachers to use iRespond with any content or software program. With iRespond-Now! a teacher may perform summative assessments no matter what program or content he or she wishes to use. It makes iRespond even more versatile and valuable to teachers.”

Another major addition is to the iRespond-Touch system software. iRespond has included “capture” technology that essentially turns iRespond-Touch remotes into student writing-tablets. The iRespond-Touch system can now capture whatever a student writes on his/her touch panel remote. Students may then send what they have written directly to the teacher for grading.

“This is exactly what math and science teachers have been asking for,” says Thompson. “It’s also great for foreign language, geography, and spelling tests, to name a few uses. Not only is the iRespond- Touch still the only graphics capable student response system on the market, but coupled with the student writing capability it is guaranteed that there is nothing else like it.”

Other major improvements in the 6.0 software release include a second option for using PowerPoint with iRespond. Teachers may create new question slides or convert existing questions slides without leaving PowerPoint. Also in this release is a new MS Word importer. Now you can easily convert tests created in MS Word or .rtf files to the iRespond format with just a click of a button.

iRespond offers teachers three hardware choices: the iRespond-UltraLite; iRespond-Lite; and iRespond-Touch remotes; and a Web-based tool, iRespond AnyPlace. All four options use the newly upgraded Teacher’s Dashboard software. iRespond is both Mac and PC compatible.

For more information visit: www.irespond.com